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HI, I am the husband of Paige Pryor who lost control of her motorcycle on Hwy 68 back on July 26, 2020. Paige sustained a TBI that day. I am now her caregiver, a role I never thought I would be forced to live. I knew a caregiver in college and felt horrible for that person. I don’t feel horrible for myself. I love caring for my wife. I wish I could do so full-time but somebody has to pay the bills. I am lucky, my wife awoke from her coma a funny enjoyable person to be around. She works hard and has a good attitude towards her situation. Currently she suffers from serious memory losses, effecting both her long and short term memory’s. This makes it hard for us to help her with her aphasia. Paige lost her left arm in the accident and busted up both of her legs and right arm as well. Her bones were able to heal while she was in her comma but after spending 6 months in bed she had to learn to walk and use her one remaining hand all over again. I know there are other people, like me, going through this life changing experience too. I am excited to meet you and hear your story's.

Dwayne Pryor
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